Tell-tale Signs of Water Damage

As much as you want to keep your home leak-free, there may still be water damaged areas of your home. The worse thing is, you may not notice it at all. The problem may be deep within your walls and it’s not yet visible from the outside, or it can be deep under the ground with leaky pipes. 

The way to determine if there are unnecessary leaks in your home that would eventually lead to water damage is to check your water bill often. If there’s a spike in your water consumption in the recent month, then you can be pretty sure that there might be a burst pipe somewhere. You surely don’t that to cause water damage in your home sooner or later. You have to find that faulty pipe pretty soon.  

Hire Plumbing and Water Damage Experts  

Plumbing and water damage specialists work hand in hand. The help of plumbers is crucial in addressing leaks. But if the problem is no longer a leak but flooding, then the problem will be beyond the control of the plumber. For that, you’ll need the expertise of water damage mitigation experts.  

A plumber can do permanent repairs but if you’re looking for total water damage protection, you need to consult with water damage specialists. They’re the only ones who can provide you with long-term protection from water damage. These experts know what to do with the pipes that are hidden deep within the walls and underneath the floors. They have a way to determine if there’s a leak and do something about it.  

Increased Water Bill 

If there’s just an eighth of a crack in your pipes, you’re to waste more than 200 gallons of water every day. That’s why you get a spike in your water bills. Any malfunction in your appliances will also cause the same issue.  

To prevent this problem, try to check your water meter from time to time. Learn how to read it so you can see the red flags associated with your water bill. If you don’t know where your water meter is, it’s usually installed by the curb. It’s also almost always marked to indicate that it’s a water meter.  

Take a pair of pliers or screwdrivers with you so you can pry open its lid. When reading the water bill, make sure that all taps, valves, and faucets are turned off. The dial on the meter shouldn’t be turning because water is not used. If it is running, then there’s a chance that you have a leak somewhere.  

What to Do to Prevent Water Damage  

Water damage is highly associated with flooding. So to prevent water damage entirely, you have to make sure that no pipes are leaking to the extent that it will burst at some point. Always keep in mind that prevention is always better than cure.   

To further help you with water damage prevention, hire Syracuse water damage experts to help you out. They should mitigate the problem and give you tips on how to go about water damage in the future. 

Storm Alert Things to Keep You Safe

When there is a storm there are tons of things that you do immediately in order to make sure that you save your home as much as you can. It’s important that you do this as soon as you are able because time may be of essence. As a homeowner you do as much as you can to protect the property from any water damage Syracuse.   

However, you can protect yourself as much as you could but the question is, have you though the same for yourself? There are things that you should avoid doing when there are storms. In this article, you will be given a detail of some of the things that you should avoid when there are some storms.  


When there is a storm, there would be some possibility that lightning would strike. When this happens, the lightning could travel in your pipe and electrocute you. Unfortunately, this isn’t like the movies wherein when you get hit with lightning you get superpowers. You don’t get any, you just get electrocuted and would either expire on the spot or go to the hospital.  


When you need to evacuate and there is lightning around, try not to be out in the open. You can be in danger just by being that. However, you shouldn’t stand under the tree too when a tree gets hit by lightning you can get electrocuted through that too. The best way for you to avoid it is to keep moving, if you need to stay still make yourself small by putting your head between your knees. 


You shouldn’t leave your pets outside in the rain, they can get sick through that and they can also get hit by lightning. If you can put them inside your home, that is a good idea to have, it is safer to do and will ensure that everyone stays safe too.  


If you are outside, you shouldn’t worry about the metal in your person like belts and watches. It is true that metal conducts the electricity that would travel with a lightning, however, it doesn’t necessarily attract it. You should focus more on getting inside somewhere safe. This will ensure that you won’t get hit by some lightning too.  


When you see someone in need of help you should help other people. It’s important that you help others who are in need when things like that happen. This is because it is important for you to do so. You may be saving someone and the people who love those people. You needn’t believe that when a person is down through electrocution you would be too.  

So, as much as you should look out for your property you should do the same to yourself too. It’s important that you do it, since it is a form of self-preservation and survival. There is nothing shameless with knowing it what are the emergency things you can do.